What Faith Does
(Lessons from Hebrews 11)

1. Faith obtains a good testimony. (v 2)
2. Faith understands the creative power of God’s Word. (v 3)
3. Faith offers to God the first and the best. (v 4)
4. Faith seeks to please God in everything. (v 5)
5. Faith believes that God answers diligent prayer. (v 6)
6. Faith takes God’s warnings seriously. (v 7)
7. Faith obeys God without asking questions. (v 8)
8. Faith steps out to possess new territories. (v 9)
9. Faith lives with eternity in view. (v 10)
10. Faith looks to God alone and laughs at impossibilities. (v 11)
11. Faith confesses, “This world is not my home; I’m just a passing-thro’!” (vv 13,37b,38)
12. Faith is Heaven-sick. (vv 14,16)
13. Faith does not retreat. (v 15)
14. Faith readily parts with any blessing to be offered back to God. (v 17)
15. Faith counts on the resurrective power of God. (vv 19,35a)
16. Faith prophesies messages for future generations. (vv 20-22)
17. Faith fears no threats but relies on God’s power to protect. (v 23)
18. Faith is not enamoured of worldly status. (v 24)
19. Faith says no to sin. (v 25)
20. Faith identifies with God’s people voluntarily in their suffering. (v 25)
21. Faith does not worship money. (v 26)
22. Faith acts on heavenly vision fearing no power on earth. (v 27)
23. Faith takes refuge under the Blood of Christ. (v28)
24. Faith attempts the impossible. (v 29)
25. Faith does not give up. (v 30)
26. Faith abandons the devil’s majority and joins God’s miniority. (v 31)
27. Faith demonstrates righteousness. (v 33)
28. Faith expects great things from God and attempts great things for Him. (vv 32-34)
29. Faith refuses to compromise even if it means torture and death. (vv 35-37)
30. Faith ignores mockery. ( v36)

“Examine yourselves whether you are in the faith!”
(2 Cor 13:5)
(Compiled by R. Stanley)